A1130 is a TTS video maker that creates his videos with the Scratch programming language and the founder of "The World of Speakonia Wiki."

The only known photograph of a1130. The majority of his body is blocked by a piece of gray cardboard.




Humor, TTS videos, comedy

Influenced by:

Thunderbirds101, Akriloth2160, and the majority of TTS video makers (with the exception of unchi1999 and danger942)


mikeben, MiaFan2010

Unlike most TTS video makers, he is a young school-aged child. Influenced mostly by Thunderbirds101 and others, he is known for his series, "The World of Speakonia."

Early lifeEdit

A1130 was born in the East Coast of the USA in 1999 to Chinese parents, obviously unaware that TTS voices existed. At the age of five, he started to take piano lessons, winning prizes and awards. Later he discovered an odd feature on the computer- it's ability to "talk." He moved to San Diego shortly, and in second or third grade, he discovered a video on YouTube called "Funny Windows Errors," which he found very interesting. He soon learned how to create these error messages and created a slideshow of them. In 2009, he discovered the Scratch programming language and began to make animations, emulations, and games with them, the first few being a racing game, "Pong," and a parody of Windows XP (with graphics and features purposely worsened) stylized as a "Mac ad." (When the parody is shutdown, an image displaying the text "Apple. Get a Mac and get a life." is shown.) In fourth grade, he stumbled upon Thunderbirds101's YouTube channel and laughed at his "Microsoft Sam" videos (despite the fact they contained excessive swearing), recalling his experience with the "talking computer." A year later he downloaded Speakonia and found that few people ever heard of the program. He then tried to popularize the program with his rather successful series, "The World of Speakonia" using the minimal resources of the Scratch programming language.


"The World of Speakonia" had a large impact on younger and more inexperienced Scratcher mikeben. He expressed his interest of the show by commenting, "Where did you get the voices?" A1130 responded with a download link to Speakonia and the Microsoft Sam voice pack. Mikeben replied with, "How did you get the error messages?" A1130 told him about AtomSmasher's generator, and mikeben responded with a "Thank you." Eventually mikeben created his own series of Speakonia projects titled "The Radar Overseers" (which will also air with French subtitles as "Les surveillants du radar") with a heavy influence of a1130's series. Ever since that, a1130 has made trailers and promotional videos for the show, as well as "sponsoring" it.

"The World of Speakonia" also had a large impact on MiaFan2010 (AKA Katie Cadet on some websites), an experienced Scratcher since August 2011 who recently acquired the a1130TV brand for the first ever StarFlyers TV Show, "StarFlyers Adventures".

Creation of "The World of Speakonia Wiki"Edit

In June 2011, a1130 created a wiki for "The World of Speakonia," hosted on Wikia, competing with Thunderbirds101's MS Sam Wiki. However, it is relatively new (Thuderbirds101 created his wiki in April 2009) and it is difficult for the two wikis to compete. However, the wiki is growing fast and as of July 2011 has over 75 edits and about 20 pages.