A1130TV (usually stylized a1130TV) is Scratch's first Speakonia Humor channel (there have been Speakonia projects before, but nobody on Scratch had ever devoted themselves to making them).

One of the first a1130TV intros



Key people:

a1130 (founder)


TTS Videos, Speakonia, humor, comedy

Influenced by:

Thunderbirds101, Akriloth2160


Mikeben Inc.


A1130TV's house in San Diego, CA

Though it only has a short while of history, it's many shows (such as "The World of Speakonia," "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000," "Speakonia Specials," "The Speakonia Voices Read Funny Signs," etc.) have recieved much praise and have been enjoyed by various Scratchers, particularly mikeben (the founder of Mikeben Inc., the second Speakonia Humor channel) and MiaFan2010.


Pre-A1130TV Broadcasts

Main article: TTS Videos

TTS videos originated on YouTube. Digitalph33r (whose creations can be seen on machinima's channel) used Microsoft Sam's voice in "Master Chief Sucks at Halo," and Thunderbirds101 popularized the trend in 2008. Now there are many TTS video makers, and there is even a "TTS army." Shows on Scratch involving Speakonian voices have actually been around for a while. A particular project called "Meatball Sandwiches" involves a person portrayed by Radar Overseer Scotty who's meatball sandwich get's stolen by people portrayed by Microsoft Mike and Linux Anna. That project was updated in 2009, and has a striking resemblance to the beginning of "The World of Speakonia." A Scratcher called ShupaJakub created Speakonia projects a year before a1130TV was established.

A1130 didn't really know this until one day. He was bored, and he typed in "Mac vs. PC" onto YouTube. He watched one of the videos in the results, and in the Related Videos sidebar, there was a video. This video was life-changing. It was called "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP1)" and it was by Thunderbirds101.(

Well, he clicked on it. And that was the inspiration for "The World of Speakonia."

The Start of a1130TV

A1130 wanted to make his own TTS videos with Scratch, and started Google-searching for TTS software, when he found Speakonia. After he installed it, the TTS engine became an indispensable tool for many of his Scratch projects.

A pre a1130TV project was made by A1130 that was called "Microsoft Sam Reading Funny Windows Errors." It lacked a lot of things a1130TV has today, such as the watermark, credits, etc. and it was interactive- you had to press space to go to the next error. That was the first effort of making a Speakonia project with Scratch.

Another project was called "ROFLcopters," which showed five helicopters making various "ROFLcopter sounds," such as typing "soi soi soi" and "axxxxxxxx(...)."

The first episode of "The World of Speakonia" was intended as a "radio show," and the project merely displayed the title, "THE WORLD OF SPEAKONIA, EPISODE 1. BROADCASTING WORLDWIDE ON CHANNEL A1130." There was no intent for an A1130TV yet. Episode 2 was a "special TV broadcast," but there was still no intent for A1130TV. However, there was a very crude intro, that showed Microsoft Sam saying "Hello. This is Channel A1130 broadcasting from San Diego, CA." A1130 expected Episode 6 to be another "special broadcast," but he changed his mind.

Episode 3 was the official start of a1130TV, featuring the watermark, credits, and the traditional theme, Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax."

Current broadcasts on a1130TV

  • The World of Speakonia (2011-present): A show set in the present 21st century centering around Microsoft Sam and Mike, Radar Overseer Scotty, and Linux Anna about a humorous and almost endless battle that started with the dropping of a sandwich.
  • Speakonia Specials (2011-present): Special shows often set in different times (e.g. "Radar Overseer Scotty Fails At Mathematics" is set when the Speakonia voices are schoolchildren) that concern different topics. They air during most holidays or during events on Scratch. There are only two so far- "Microsoft Sam Fails At Tech Support " (4th of July special, a special similar to Thunderbirds101's video of the same name) and "Radar Overseer Scotty Fails At Mathematics" (aired during the day a Scratch user was elected forum moderator). Episode 1 of "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000" was originally also intended as a Speakonia Special (for Labor Day) but could not be uploaded due to Hurricane Irene.
  • Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000 (2011-present): A "cross between action and comedy," this show is set in 2020, after the Speakonia War. Radar Overseer Scotty is now an ally of Microsoft Sam in this show, and even though the Speakonia War is over, the two have to face Linux Anna and her new invention, the supercomputer ROFL-9000 when Radar Overseer Scotty (again) drops a food product. Only one episode has aired so far.
  • The Speakonia Voices Read Funny Signs (2011-present): A show featuring all the Speakonia voices as they encounter funny signs on road trips. All the voices seem to be allies with each other. Only one episode has aired so far.


The main theme song for all the a1130TV shows is "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph. Originally a1130 did not know what the song really was called (all he knew that it was the background music from a YouTube video that he downloaded), and in the credits, it was often referred as "Music from a YouTube video" or "Circus Music." Later it was referred as "a jazzy version of Julius Fucik's 'Entry of the Gladiators'" as part of the theme was incorporated into the song.


a1130TV has also experimented with various "intros" that preceeded the shows. A list can be found here.

  • First, pre-a1130TV intro: A sound clip of Microsoft Sam saying, "Hello. This is Channel A1130 broadcasting from San Diego, CA."
  • Animated Intro: An intro that displayed a series of text (see picture in infobox) that said:
This is a1130TV, broadcasting from a1130 Broadcasting Tower, Home of Speakonian Humor (watch anytime! No ads, no annoyances!), now showing ___________ ep. ___, starring ____ as _______, _________ as __________, _______ as ________...

with "Highway Blues" playing in the background. It was on for only 2 episodes of "The World of Speakonia" and was removed due to it's long length.

  • Current intro- the words "A1130TV" over a photograph of Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, CA and the sound of seagulls in the background.