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The new a1130TV constitution can be found at Please look at it now and do NOT violate any of the rules in here (unless you want a punishment).

Welcome to the A1130TV Wiki (formerly "The World of Speakonia" wiki)Edit

This wiki is about the comedy "The World of Speakonia" made by a1130 on Scratch ( and other a1130TV productions. Instead of most shows made on Scratch, a1130 uses Speakonia's TTS voices instead of human voice actors.

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  • In October 2018, the development of StarFlyers Adventures Season 4 was canned due to the declining popularity of the StarFlyers Movies and TV Shows and the Speakonia Series and Specials. It also marks the closure of MiaFan2010 Studios and a1130TV as a whole due to the upcoming release of Scratch 3.0. However, you can still contribute to this wiki, but a1130 won't be there to moderate anymore!
  • In early 2012, there is not much activity on a1130's Scratch user profile and here on the a1130TV Wiki (except for a few minor edits here and there). In 2013, due to Scratch 2.0 being released, all of a1130TV was acquired by MiaFan2010 to form a new company called MiaFan2010 Studios, discontinuing "The World of Speakonia" in favour of the new "StarFlyers Adventures" as a successor. Currently, "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000" was revamped as "StarFlyers Adventures Season 3" featuring Katie Cadet from the StarFlyers and Brittany (the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999), which the show was completed with six episodes as of 2018. a1130 is a high school student now, and he used to make projects featuring Speakonia TTS voices. MiaFan2010 Studios will now be the successor to a1130TV! Oh, and in 2014, Microsoft Sam announced the release of "StarFlyers The First Movie" as a homage to the well-remembered Scratch TTS Video maker of all! R.I.P. a1130, we will miss you!
  • "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000 EPISODE TWO" was uploaded to Scratch, due to being the last episode of the a1130TV broadcasts before MiaFan2010 acquired the company, and before StarFlyers Adventures ever came out.
  • The new a1130TV Wiki Constitution is at Please read it and do not violate anything in here!
  • The wiki's URL has been changed to You may still access it with the old URL and it will redirect to here.
  • The wiki has a name change and was renamed to the "A1130TV Wiki." Also we got a new image wordmark- it's a picture of the Speakonia logo!
  • "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000 EPISODE ONE" was uploaded to Scratch.
  • Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of "The World of Speakonia" were uploaded on Scratch.
  • As of July 2011, over 75 edits have been made to the wiki!
  • On July 18th, Episode 3 of "The World of Speakonia" was uploaded to Scratch.
  • a1130TV wiki founded sometime in June-July 2011.
  • During June 2011, Episodes 1 and 2 of "The World of Speakonia" were uploaded to Scratch.

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