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A1130 Broadcasting Tower. And though it bears a strong resemblance to the Chrysler Building (in Manhattan- the other side of the country!), ABT has nothing to do with it.

NOTE: Despite the fact that ABT looks a LOT like the Chrysler Building, it is NOT affilliated with the architects or designers of the Chrysler Building in any way. Also, ABT does not REALLY exist- it is FICTIONAL.

A1130 Broadcasting Tower is a fictional tower originally known only to A1130. It is in a hidden location which is barely visible to people. No precise address is found on Google Maps, but its approximate location is in San Diego, California.

A1130 Broadcasting Tower (ABT)

Floor count:

77 (no relation to Chrysler Building)

Architectural Style:

Art Deco


1,047 ft (319 meters)


Construction was thought to begin on July 7th, 2011. Unlike the Chrysler Building (which the tower bears a strong resemblance to), it only took 24 hours to build, while the Chrysler Building required 2 years to. Before that, most of broadcasts of The World of Speakonia took place in a1130's home. The only broadcast that took place in ABT was a1130's version of Microsoft Sam Fails At Tech Support. However, a1130 did not put an intro, and thus the tower remained virtually unknown to people.

Resemblance to the Chrysler BuildingEdit

ABT is known to have a strong resemblance to the Chrysler Building, due to the fact that it was designed by Information Robots (which lack originality and feelings). However, it IS located somewhere in Downtown San Diego, invisible to the naked eye.


Microsoft Sam has moved into the topmost floor of the tower along with a private retreat. Microsoft Mike lives one floor below him. Microsoft Mary does not live in the tower, however. As for a1130, he still lives in his suburban home.