The Frequent Cussing Virus is a fictional virus in a1130's TTS videos. In "The World of Speakonia," it is created by Steve Ballmer (AKA Radar Overseer Scotty) usually along with the "Windows Vista" virus and "Microsoft" Easy Cussing Solutions.


The Frequent Cussing Virus is very much like The Really Sucky Virus- both were created by Radar Overseer Scotty under the direction of Steve Ballmer. However, the Frequent Cussing Virus causes sudden urges to swear and scream profanities (instead of jibberish). These profanities are often blocked by a series of "soi" roflcopter noises. Then error messages come out saying "Everybody is laughing at you for making roflcopter noises!"


In Episode 2, Microsoft Mike came up with a "very simple" yet complicated cure, requiring 4 processes to kill, deleting 5 registry values, and removing a very large amount of files. Most of the file names do not make sense or are entirely made out of gibberish. As of Episode 3, however, the cure has changed, and not even Mike knows what it is.

Resemblance to The Really Sucky Virus A1130 often made TTS videos under the influence of TB101. At this point, he was watching the season in which the virus was introduced. The Frequent Cussing Virus also bears a striking resemblance to the Soccer Mom Virus made by BlittleMcNilsen, as both disable people from swearing/saying profanities, however, a1130 says that he did not know about Blittle's video at the time Episode 2 was made.