A1130's version of "Microsoft Sam Fails At Tech Support" is a "Special Broadcast" for the Fourth of July (American Independence Day). Arguably it could've been a Canada Day special a la Thunderbirds101, however a1130 is an American and doesn't celebrate it.

In the summer of 2017, due to a1130's inactivity and the recent acquisition of a1130TV from MiaFan2010 Studios, the special was revamped as the first episode of the "StarFlyers Radio Show", with Katie Cadet from the StarFlyers (voiced by IVONA Salli / FromTextToSpeech Daisy), and Brittany (the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999, voiced by IVONA Kimberly / FromTextToSpeech Alice) reprising their roles from "StarFlyers Adventures Season 3".

Microsoft Sam Fails At Tech Support (a1130 version)



Date aired:

July 7th, 2011


Special broadcast on Channel a1130, to introduce A1130 Broadcasting Tower

Critical reception:

None available


Microsoft Sam (as himself), Microsoft Mike (as himself), Adult Male #1, American English (as Radar Overseer Scotty), L&H Michael (as unknown), AT&T Natural Voices Reiner (as unknown)

Structure (and summary)Edit

The structure is very much like Thunderbirds101's version- it can be split up into 4-5 parts.

Part 1Edit

This part would be the part where Microsoft Mike (in Thunderbirds101TV, Mr. ROFL Robot) tells Microsoft Sam to answer tech support calls. However, in Thunderbirds101TV, Mr. ROFL Robot decides to go drink "electronic coffee," while Microsoft Mike leaves to organize a fireworks display where he does not come back for a long time. (After the first call in Thunderbirds101TV, Mr. ROFL Robot comes back).

In a1130's version, Sam answers the first call that is very similar to the second call in Thunderbirds101TV, (both callers are portrayed by L&H Michael), except in Channel a1130, L&H Michael's computer is infected with a fake AV program which blocks access to MalwareBytes' website. Microsoft Sam (who is totally clueless about what to do) yells out his famous, "Don't be an idiot. Download MalwareBytes now!"

Part 2Edit

The second caller is portrayed by AT&T Natural Voices Reiner. He says the same thing as in ThunderBirds101's version- his computer has a massive seizure. A1130 allegedly used this without giving any credit. It was revealed that he specially thanked Thunderbirds101TV for inspiration in the credits.

Part 3Edit

The third caller is also Radar Overseer Scotty. Instead of sticking baloney sandwiches into a CD drive, he "fed" his computer an egg salad tuna bacon lettuce potato tomato tuna crab salmon sandwich which caused his computer to get a BSOD. Microsoft Sam gets annoyed and shoves a pine tree up his rear end.


Sam starts doing his classic "ROFLseizure" from most Speakonia YouTube videos. Then Microsoft Mike comes back saying how disappointed he is in Sam- saying he fails more at tech support than programming in Scratch (a reference to Thunderbirds101's version of the video). The show ends with the credits.

Critical receptionEdit

The broadcast recieved no comments- probably because of how much it resembled Thunderbirds101's version. Another thing was that the show was another radio broadcast.