Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000 is a TTS series (according to a1130, a "mix between seriousness and comedy in a kid-friendly format) that will air on A1130TV (aside from "The World of Speakonia" and "The Speakonia Voices Read Funny Signs").

Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000




Microsoft Sam and Mike as themselves, Robosoft Six as ROFL-9000, Adult Male #1 as Radar Overseer Scotty

A trailer has been out and available for viewing on Scratch, and the first episode was released in mid-September, a week after it's expected release on Labor Day 2011.

Due to Scratch 2.0, the inactivity of a1130, and the recent acquisition of a1130TV from MiaFan2010 Studios, in the summer of 2017, it was renamed to (and completed with six episodes in total as) "StarFlyers Adventures Season 3" with Katie Cadet from the StarFlyers and Brittany (the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999) replacing Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty respectively, which are both voiced by IVONA Salli (Fromtexttospeech Daisy as Katie Cadet) and IVONA Kimberly (Fromtexttospeech Alice as Brittany).


Episode 1Edit

Released on September 25, 2011 The show takes place in 2020, more than a decade after The Speakonian War. Radar Overseer Scotty and Linux Anna seperated, and Scotty formed alliances with Microsoft Sam and the other Microsoft voices. The trailer starts off with Scotty and Sam in the broadcasting tower (their house) arguing about what the food on their table is. Sam thinks it's cheese puffs, while Scotty thinks it's a pile of "stir-fried baloney and vegetables." Scotty accidentally knocks the bowl over and Sam warns him that a certain ROFL-9000 supercomputer was sleeping in that bowl. Scotty becomes horrified when the ROFL-9000 actually appears, telling him to "prepare for suffering."

Scotty becomes enraged and says the the ROFL-9000 will "get H1N1 if you [she] does so." The ROFL-9000 says that it is on Linux Anna's side, and Scotty adds a word about Linux Anna not letting him eating delicious bologna pie. The ROFL-9000 vanishes, saying that Linux Anna's plane has came.

Scotty becomes extremely frustrated, and he and Sam go on the ROFLcopter to follow Linux Anna's jet. They receieve transmission from the Radar Station in Speakonia City- which is a message encoded in Base-64.


The message says something like: "Hello Sam. This is Mr. Information Robot and I have to tell you a code which you need to remember about. The code is..."

{end spoiler}

The message is intercepted by the ROFL-9000, who developed a virus that intercepts all messages sent from the Radar Station. The ROFL-9000 notifies Scotty via radio saying that in 5 minutes their ROFLcopter will plummet to the ground and release harmful gibberish toxins.

5 minutes later...

The episode ends with Sam having a painful gibberish attack and an "EAS alert." This episode was also the first time the EAS alert used the usual tone, which is a combination of the sine waves 853 hz. and 960 hz. (Before, a1130 just used white noise for EAS or "no signal" alerts.)

Episode 2Edit

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Released on November 23, 2011

No really, don't go on to reading Episode 2 because it isn't out yet. Reading it will give it away.

Radar Overseer Scotty and Microsoft Sam wake up in Linux Anna's labaratory, and Radar Overseer Scotty shows Sam the various chemicals Linux Anna uses to develop the many threats that have circulated Speakonia City. Sam takes a few ("just in case") and they escape in Linux Anna's ROFL-mobile. Scotty drives Sam to a top-secret route that can help them get back to Speakonia City, hoping they can make it in time before the ROFL-9000 causes any more trouble to them.

Meanwhile at Linux Anna's headquarters, Linux Anna finds out Sam and Scotty are gone, and the ROFL-van is stolen. The ROFL-9000 tracks down the ROFL-van's coordinates, and a chemical (the Drawbridge Trojan) is released that seperates a bridge in the route.

Sam and Scotty do not notice this and keep driving when they realize they are floating in midair. Their car plummets to the ground.

Reason for delayEdit

The expected release date on Labor Day 2011 was right when Hurricane Irene was around. (The show was originally intended to be a Speakonia Special, but ended up to be a whole different series in a different universe.) The East Coast suffered severe damage, including Boston, where Scratch's MIT server is located. Scratch was actually back up on September 6-7, one or two days after Labor Day, however, a1130 had still not finished it, thus causing it's delay of about a week.