A roflseizure is a sudden exclamation of random words and gibberish commonly said by Microsoft Sam. For added effects, it is usually at full speed. A typical roflseizure goes as:

An "awesome face," which resembles a ROFLseizure

"Hahaha soi soi soi hahahaha soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi..."

This uses the full potential of Microsoft Sam's glitches, due to the fact that he cannot pronounce soi/soy correctly, and "hahaha" in full speed sounds similar to a motorcycle.

However, the ideal ROFLseizure is used by "Natural" Microsoft Sam, as Speakonian Sam's laugh differs from Natural Sam's.

Usage in a1130's creationsEdit

It was only featured once in a1130's videos (his version of "Microsoft Sam Fails at Tech Support") as (roughly):

"ha lolololol soi soi soi hahahaha lololololol soi soi soi nurescyvt [which also causes the "soi" glitch] soi soi *gibberish* nurescyvt lollololol ha lololol soi it's celebration time yayayayay w00t."