It has been revealed that many of a1130's TTS projects have striking similarities between other YouTube TTS videos, including those of Thunderbirds101, Akriloth2160, fireguy1919, and others. In fact, a1130 even admits this. However, a1130's projects can still be verified "original," without being another unchi1999.

Similarities in charactersEdit

Obviously, all TTS videos have TTS voices. This is not surprising, as well as similar names, including those such as "Microsoft Sam" and "Radar Overseer Scotty." However, most character personalities are similar, and most of the running gags have remained unchanged or slightly modified. Most well known is Radar Overseer Scotty's obcession for food which has not changed too much- bologna sandwiches have been modified to "egg salad tuna bacon letuce potato tomato tuna tuna crab salmon sandwiches" with the word "tuna" intentionally repeated. There are also Radar Overseers from foreign places (similar to RorytheRetroKid's universe), with Radar Overseers Vikram (portrayed by the same actor as Radar Overseer Balakumar from YouTube), Diedrich, Gordon (same as Thunderbirds101's character), and others mentioned.

Similarities in antagonistsEdit

Radar Overseers have remained semi-antagonists, notably Radar Overseer Scotty. There are also fictional viruses, with The Frequent Cussing Virus bearing striking resemblances to Thunderbirds101's "Really Sucky Virus" (both were created by Radar Overseer Scotty) and BlittleMcNilsen's "Soccer Mom Virus" (prevents the voice from saying any profanities and cussing).

Similarities in placesEdit

Obviously, Speakonia City is something that is very similar to other videos. In fact, Speakonia, with it's wide range of voices with different languages, is much like a city itself. Also, A1130 Broadcasting Tower is similar to Akriloth Tower, as both are used to broadcast TTS videos.

Why a1130 is not another unchi1999Edit

A1130 is not neccesarily ripping off TTS videos like Unchi did. A1130's work can still be considered original (with only INFLUENCES of other TTS makers), including original plots and storylines. Unchi1999 often parodies and plaragizes videos of veteran makers, including worser introduction videos rendered in Microsoft Paint and crudely designed error messages that are often copied off of other videos. Also, a1130 does NOT get hate mail and is still praised by users of the Scratch programming language. Whats more, a1130 has never been suspended or banned from uploading TTS projects, while unchi1999 is constantly leaving and returning to YouTube (resulting in an IP ban).