The Speakonia Voices Read Funny Signs is a show airing on a1130TV. So far only one episode has aired.
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A "stupid sign."

Background infoEdit

The show involves various "stupid and weird" signs and is inspired mainly by Thunderbirds101's hit series "Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Weird Signs" and a video by Akriloth2160 that involved the Speakonia voices looking at funny pictures. (Before, people seldom made videos involving all of the voices.) Often, these signs contain information that is actually very obvious (e.g. "Water on Road During Rain), spelling errors (e.g. Try our new anus burgers, which is "angus" without the "g"), redundant (e.g. Lord King's Palace), or just plain silly (e.g. 100% Recycled Food).


Episode 1Edit

The show takes place possibly before the Speakonia War, because Radar Overseer Scotty is a friend of the Microsoft voices and Linux Anna (who was created by accident in Radar Overseer Scotty's lab in episode 3 of "The World of Speakonia") is not mentioned about at all. This episode appears to be filmed on some sort of "road trip."

Microsoft Sam starts off the show by reading the classic sign "Caution, Water On Road During Rain." He reacts with a laugh that everybody knows the information on the sign. Radar Overseer Scotty objects, saying that "sometimes I [Scotty] forget that there is water on the road when it is raining, and that causes car accidents." Sam tells him to shut up.

The Speakonia voices come to a stop sign that says "TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP." Another argument occurs, and they move on, when Microsoft Sam decides to go to the bathroom. The Speakonia voices encounter the classic "rules for the toilet" sign, and meanwhile Radar Overseer Scotty decides to "take a dump in the urinal" despite Microsoft Mike's pleas and threats saying that it's "against the Speakonia Constitution."

They "bump into" a restraunt claiming that it's food is "100% recycled in order to protect the earth." When Radar Overseer Scotty, Sam, Microsoft Mary, and Microsoft Mike go in out of curiosity, they find themselves eating vomit and food that has been previously chewed on, and they get food poisoning. All of them vomit very badly onto their plates, and the episode ends.