Unchi style error

One of Unchi1999's typical spoofing techniques- making errors with MS Paint and plagarizing.

Unchi1999 is a Speakonian TTS YouTube maker (who is now banned), as well as being a1130's least favorite TTS video maker and a hate mail and trolling magnet, known for plagarizing content from Thunderbirds101's videos and often parodying error messages and intros made by him and other people[citation needed]. He also hid himself with multiple accounts. Unfortunately, they were all on the same IP address, and eventually all of them were shut down by YouTube.

Early lifeEdit

Unchi1999 joined on February 18, 2009, almost a year after Thunderbirds101 joined YouTube. However, Unchi1999 never learned the secrect of TB101TV video making (that is, Sony Vegas, Audacity, Photoshop, and error message generators). Instead, most of his videos plagarize, parody, and spoof TTS videos by veteran video makers such as TB101, Akriloth2160, and others.


In July 2010, unchi1999 and all his seperate undercover accounts were all suspended. He attempted to join shortly as Unchi2000, but his channel was once again bombarded by hate mail, 1-star ratings, and dislikes (after the star feature was removed). He still continued spoofing again, and eventually got IP-banned.

Spoofing and parodying techniquesEdit

Unchi1999 was "famous" for plagarizing, parodying, and once again spoofing well known TTS video makers techniques. In his rip-off series, "Microsoft Sam Reads Errors," often there are parodies of Thunderbirds101's video intros and extremely horrible error messages rendered in Microsoft Paint. Sometimes, even exact duplicates of errors were created.

Another theory was that Unchi1999 was not capable of making quality videos like TB101 did, and he also lacked originality too. In the end, he spontaneously copied off of other videos without even knowing.

Hate mailEdit

Unchi1999 had a record for hate mail- about 10-20 in a day. His videos were primarily bombarded by 1-stars and dislikes. Most famously, Thunderbirds101 was enraged by the similarities to his show, and declared, "One star instantly. F**king retard."


Your typical Unchi spoof. :P