A WTF train is a term used in slang and many other Microsoft Sam/Speakonia YouTube videos.

WTF Train

Earliest known instance:

in the 21st century (2000s)

Aliases (list is incomplete):

train, Amtrak, express, Intercity, Shinkensen


According to, a WTF train basically refers a series of "WTF" (unexpected) moments. A Rickroll is probably a common example of a WTF moment, when sometimes a link unexpectedly redirects to this YouTube viral video (and Internet meme). A usage of this word could include: "OMG, I feel like I was hit by the WTF train. Today was Friday the 13th!"

Usage of the WTF Train in TTS videosEdit

The WTF Train was commonly used in TTS videos, however, it's meaning had changed. In WSAM0TV's "WTF Train Advert," the WTF Train was a normal train that took people away from their WTF moments. The advertisement went as (roughly):

"Are you tired of trains that run so slow you die of what the f**kness? Then try the WTF train. The WTF train is a special train- whenever you see a WTF moment like this- [insert disturbing image here], just say "My WTF train goes chugga chugga WTF WTF..." and the WTF train will take you away from the WTF moment!"


WSAM0TV's WTF Train Advert (note: contains explicit swearing)